Billy and the Big Stick - English Story Series - B2 Stage 4.pdf

Billy and the Big Stick - English Story Series - B2 Stage 4

Richard Harding Davis

The audience-chamber was hung with great mirrors in frames of tarnished gilt. In these Billy saw himself repro-duced in a wavering line of Billies that, like the ghost of Banquo, stretched to the disappearing point.

Of such images there was an army, but of the real Billy, as he was acutely conscious, there was but one. Among the black faces scowling from the doorways he felt the odds were against him. Without making a reply he passed out between the racks of rusty muskets in the anteroom, between the two Gatling guns guarding the entrance, and on the palace steps, in indecision, halted.. (Tanıtım Bülteninden)

“introduction to” nature: Chapter 4 on limit theorems and Chapter 5 on ... at the University of Wisconsin; Tom English at Behrend College; Robert Lund at ... 2If the sample space is very large, it may be impossible to assign probabilities...

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concepts at each child's current level, then move each child forward. Below is a ... 4. Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards guiding principles.


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The series offers world-renowned stories - fiction, non-fiction, biographies, plays, short stories and classics - rewritten for English learners. Anyone can enjoy and learn from these stories, whatever their age or language level. All titles are built around carefully graded English, a comprehensive language syllabus and activities to develop ...