Different Forms of Global Integration of Film Industry: The Case of Istanbul.pdf

Different Forms of Global Integration of Film Industry: The Case of Istanbul

Doğan Dursun

Film industry, one of the core cultural industries, is accepted as the driver of local economic development for cosmopolitan cities. This research explores the different forms of global integration of film industry, together with artistic and economic performance factors contributing its development. Istanbul film industry aims to become one of the central nodes in global network by controlling the flow of the cultural products in the process of economic transformation. In this context, the position and competitiveness of Istanbul film industry in the global film market are evaluated. (Tanıtım Bülteninden)

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The findings show that the Istanbul film industry cluster tends towards disintegration spatially ... through the film sector as a creative industry, its position and degree of global integration. ... Skip to search formSkip to main conten...


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