The Interlopers - The Unrest Cure - The Lumber Room-  English Story Series-  A2 Stage 2.pdf

The Interlopers - The Unrest Cure - The Lumber Room- English Story Series- A2 Stage 2

H. H. Munro

Relief at being alive and exasperation at his captive plight brought a strange medley of pious thank-offerings and sharp curses to Ulrichs lips. Georg, who was early blinded with the blood which trickled across his eyes, stopped his struggling for a moment to listen and then gave a short, snarling laugh.

Start studying English 2 Short Stories ("The Interlopers"). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. In the story, the lumber room symbolizes wildness and imagination, and the aunt’s decision to bar the children from this room represents her affinity for propriety and orderliness. In upper-class English homes, the lumber room was used to store extra furniture and unused knickknacks.

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