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Wind in the Willow-Level Starter

Far from fading with time, Kenneth Grahames classic tale of fantasy has attracted a growing audience in each generation. Rat, Mole, Badger, and the preposterous Mr. Toad (with his Pooppoop-poop road-hogging new motor car), have brought delight to many through the years with their odd adventures on and by the river, and at the imposing residence of Toad Hall.

Grahames book was later dramatised by A.A. Milne, and became a perennial Christmas favourite, as Toad of Toad Hall. It continues to enchant and, above all perhaps, inspire great affection.

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Wind and Willow is a family owned company based in Southwest Missouri that got started in 1991. Since then their product line has become one of the most recognized lines of soup mixes, dip mixes and cheeseball mixes in the industry. Their product line now consists of more than 80 items - mostly in the dip and cheese ball mix category.

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The Willow-Wren was twittering his thin little song, hidden himself in the dark selvedge of the river bank. 'I hear nothing myself,' he said, 'but the wind playing in the reeds and rushes and osiers.'


...Willows (Green Apple Starter) Kenneth Grahame Retold by Rebecca Raynes Adventure This classic story, set in the Easy adaptation at Starter Level. Wide range of fun activities in the four skills. All of this just to say that The Wind in The Willows is another victim of my "reading is meh" state. Like them, it is a novel which can be read on many levels, and arguably has a hidden subtext.


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Kenneth Grahame wrote The Wind in the Willows. the conflict in the wind in the willows was of man vs society external.


Wind In The Willows, The - With Cd - Starter Grahame, Kenneth Disal Editora . Avaliações. Adicionar a minha lista. De: R$ 101,38 Por: R$ 70,97 em até 1x sem juros no cartão. Adicionar ao Carrinho ...