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Level 4 Two Worlds Experience Readers

Through different voices, this book explores the Two Worlds of immigrants to Britain: the home they left and the home they are now in. The characters outline their reasons for leaving their home country and their impressions of the United Kingdom. Cambridge Discovery Readers is an exciting series of original fiction, adapted fiction and factbooks especially written for teenagers. Original illustrations guide students through the story while activities throughout the book consolidate new vocabulary and encourage independent learning. The accompanying website with lesson plans and worksheets for every title, sample chapters and audio clips, provides extra support for both teachers and students. This paperback is in British English. It is also available with Audio CD/CD-ROM that contains vocabulary games and a complete audio recording.

...Readers, Yazar: Camplin, Yayınevi: Cambridge University Press, Kategori: Kitap, Detay Kategori: Kitap Foreign Languages Language Graded Readers Level 4 Two Worlds Experience Readers.

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Oxford Dolphin Readers - Level 4: City Girl Country Boy. Oxford Dolphin Readers - Level 4. (Buy this pdf file/Audio CD here Download by pay per unit from 3000 items). ...Readers American English Level 4 Intermediate Two Worlds you and your students discovered Cambridge Discovery Readers yet?


5 TL. Level 4 Two Worlds Experience Readers Tüm Kitap, Müzik ve DVD ürünlerini en uygun fiyatlara bulabileceğiniz, çok satan ve yeni çıkan kitaplara ulaşabileceğiniz tek adres.


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