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How To Sell Your Way Through Life

Napoleon Hill

Get the keys to success in both sales and life (with a new foreword by bestselling author Ken Blanchard) Napoleon Hills timeless classic, Think and Grow Rich , has the distinction of being the best read self-help book of the twentieth century. Not so well known is how Hill earned his livelihood before he wrote Think and Grow Rich . How to Sell Your Way Through Life , written in the depth of the Great Depression, explains how Hill spent many years perfecting his skills as a master salesman and sales trainer. The information is as relevant in todays economy as it was in a time very similar to ours. How To Sell Your Way Through Life brings you the practical information that can only be obtained from the experience of success. This dynamic guide is based on the lives and careers of hundreds of salesmen who started with nothing and worked up to leading positions in their fields. Key advice presented includes Auto-Suggestion, your first step in salesmanship Qualifying your prospective buyer Neutralizing your buyers mind The habit of doing more than you are paid for How to budget your time Your master plan for getting a position Even if youre just getting your start, How To Sell Your Way Through Life gives you the keys to success in both sales and life.

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It taps into our potential to sell ourselves through life by serving other people and ourselves in the greatest manner possible: by applying the golden rule. Hopefully, "How to Sell Your Way Through Life" will help and motivate you to discover it within you.more. flag Like · see review.

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...of How to Raise Your Own Salary is filled with foolproof techniques for acquiring the knowledge and skills for increasing your share of life's riches. Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude.


Selling a car is normally quite a straightforward process. Once you’ve agreed on a price, you create a bill of sale and the sign over the title to the new owner after receiving payment. You then fill out the Notice of Transfer and Release o...


PREVIEW. In How to Sell your Way Through Life (1939), Napoleon Hill offers insights into the psychology of negotiation, persuasion, and leadership. High-pressure sales are a thing of the past: people resist the ambitions of people who are obviously motivated by greed